...And We're Back

I would like to think that my little hiatus was full of vacations and living the high life, but alas, it was full of trying to sub in my local school districts, being sick, and taking care of family.  But I am back for now...at least until life gets a little bit tougher and I decide to sleep through it instead of come to terms with it.

So, I was trying to think about what I have accomplished in my little break.  After reading through some of my 2012 Goals I realized, I really did get a few things checked off my list. 

One goal checked off the list was to pay off the credit card.  Well, we did it...that is of course, until some other emergency comes up, BUT I can say that it was done at least once this year :)

Another goal that was partially checked off was to find a job.  I tried to substitute teach in the local districts (there are several in the immediate area) and it was tough.  Substitute teachers get paid so little for the work that they do and the children that they have to put up with on a daily basis.  You never know what kind of classroom you will have and there were many days that I came home in tears.  I made it through about two months and then I realized that I was barely breaking even with the cost of putting my son in daycare.  So, I decided to stay home.  That is my job right now.

My last goal that I can check off the list is getting rid of 300 pounds of clutter.  By February I was already so close to the 300 pound mark.  (Yes, at that point in time I weighed everything that was going out the front door.)  Now, after a few months and two garage sales, I can say that I have met my goal and exceeded it.  Over 500 pounds of stuff!  That includes: clothes, books, toys, broken items, craft items that were NEVER being used, borrowed items that finally were returned, and tons of random items.  Yay!  I'm sure that I could actually hit that 1,000 pound mark by the end of the year (especially with a house move in the next two months) but I'm done keeping tabs on every pound. 

P.S.  I would like to say that my house looks noticeably cleaner, but honestly it doesn't. 

Anyway, that's what I've been up to for the past few months. 


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