The Pros and Cons of Moving

I am probably one of the few people that enjoy the process of moving.  While I am no expert in the art of moving I do have some experience...three major moves in seven years with an additional three mini-moves in that same time period.  It can be a bit daunting and stressful but there are so many great things that come out of each move too!  Since I seem to be about lists lately (check them out at "Top 10 Memorable Houses," "The Top Five Four 'Wow, these houses are really nice but there is now way that we could actually afford it' List," and "My Most Memorable Job Interiews (and a few offers)"), I thought it would be great to share with you the pros and cons of moving so often, but especially with this move in to our new home.

-My shower/tub sparkles.  I know for a fact that when I move in my tub looks clean and when I move out it looks clean.  All of the other days in between don't count.

-Every time I change my address they send me a 10% off Lowe's coupon.  Hello washer and dryer.  Hello new refrigerator!

-I can actually paint the walls!  This will be the first time that I will get to choose the paint color and it will NOT be beige, cream or white. 

-Getting rid of unwanted items.  This move we have furniture, toys, clothes, electronics, and so much more.  They were all things we needed at one time and now that we have our own defined space and updated a few things, we don't need them.  It is great to see how large the pile is getting (and this is after we already had a massive garage sale a few months ago) and all of the proceeds go directly back to the house. Plus, one of my New Year's Resolutions was to get rid of 300 pounds of clutter. I am beyond that number BUT could possibly get up to the 700-800 pound mark! 

-We already have all of our boxes.  We've saved them over the years and it makes packing MUCH easier.

-As I mentioned earlier, I do love a clean shower but often times I leave the place cleaner than when I moved in. Now that we are out of the rental game (for now at least) I won't have to worry about scrubbing the floors or cleaning under the drip pans on the stove.  Well, I'll still do that BUT I won't be charged an exorbinate fee if it isn't done "up to standards."

-For the major moves it is hard to start over--making new friends, find the right grocery store, learning how to get from Point A to Point B, etc.  Luckily this move is just a few blocks away.

-While I do like getting those Lowe's coupons when I change my address it also creates a few headaches.  It can take weeks and sometimes months to get addresses changed on every account or bill.

-You never really know what to expect when it comes to neighbors.  In Minnesota we had "Do" short for "Weirdo."  Pretty sure he was the one that stole our bikes.  Then in Kansas we lived under a guy who spilled his keg and it left a stain on our ceiling.  We have lucked out in Oklahoma so far.  We hope that our new neighbors are okay.

-Moving can be EXPENSIVE and tiring.  We have moved ourselves with the help of good friends and U-Haul trailers, but it is amazing how much those trailers cost!  To cut down costs on one move; we rented a trailer for 24 hours.  We packed it, drove eight hours to our new place, unpacked, and drove back up the eight hours.  All to save a few dollars.  I don't think we'll do that again.

Any Pros or Cons you want to add to the list?


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