Not a Secret Anymore

Well, it wasn't necessarily the best kept secret, BUT for almost nine months my family was able to keep my pregnancy out of the social media world.  My husband and I weren't trying to be secretive about it but so much information gets shared on Facebook and other sites that we thought it would be nice to keep things on the "down low."    I have 400+ friends on FB.  (I know that isn't a ton compared to most of my friends, but I try to keep it around the 400 mark.)  To me, it wasn't necessary for those 400+ or even 200+ people to know that I was suffering another bout of morning sickness or that my clothes no longer fit.

We never officially posted a status about being pregnant but it was amazing how things were assumed or how things spread. I think some people felt jilted almost that we didn't say anything to them.  Anyway, we did it.  On 10-10-12, I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy.  Yay!  So, if you are actually curious as to how it all went down...check out the next post. 


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