In Search for the Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookie - Take #1

So I am on the hunt for the PERFECT chocolate chip cookie.  I want one that is crunchy on the edges but gooey in the center.  So, I took a trip to Pinterest Land and found some amazing recipes to try.  There is no way that I can, or even should, make cookies more than once a month.  So here is our first stab at finding the perfect cookie. 

Chocolate Chip Cookie
Take #1

This particular cookie was a no-go for us.  This recipe had 16 tablespoons of butter.  16 Tablespoons!  I could feel the greasiness of the butter between my teeth after each bite.  The dark brown sugar was also a bit too much for us.  The entire cookie had too much of a molasses taste for us.  Plus, the recipe only called for egg yolks.  It really was an interesting cookie.  Because of all of the rich ingredients, one cookie was all you needed.

Check out my board of cookies.  I don't think I'll get through all of them this year, but I'm hoping the perfect cookies is out there.  Do you have a recipe you would love to share?


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