What is it about ME and JOB INTERVIEWS?

What is it about ME and JOB INTERVIEWS?  I think I am a fairly good catch but the whole job search just doesn't seem to be working out for me.  Just in case you need a refresher of some of my past experiences, check out this post.

So I had an interview this morning for a summer job.  It didn't bother me that it was for the summer only (a plus actually), or that it was only minimum wage, or that I was COMPLETELY over qualified.  None of that bothered me at all.   

I had applied for a place that was looking for "Specialty Camp Counselors."  They offered themed camps for children in the community and I thought, "wow, that sounds like fun!"  They had cooking camp, spy camp, survivor camp, etc.  Pinterest to the rescue!  I made some boards and started pining some great ideas just in case I was called in for an interview.  I wanted to be prepared.  So, I was excited to get a call for an interview earlier this week.

I show up and sit down in the office and the interviewer says to me, "I know you applied for 'JOB A' but I am hiring for 'JOB B/C.  It's actually just ______ but in the summer we change the name to make the kids feel better about it." 

Hmmm, well I applied for JOB A.  That was what I was interested in but I'm flexible, I'll hear it out. 

"You would work anywhere from 10 hours a week to 40+ hours a week.  I already have you on the schedule and you would start on Monday.  Basically you just keep the kids busy without the aid of the TV, we don't do TV, but we do have an X-box...that doesn't really count." 

Wait, wait, wait a second....I didn't even say yes and I'm already on the schedule?  The job I applied for was only a couple of hours a day for just a few weeks spread throughout the summer.  Slow down lady! 

"So all you need to do is fill out the background check permission form and come to our training meeting on Friday." 

No cooking camp?  No spy camp?  Just basically making sure the kids don't kill each other during the day?  Ummmm, yes, I would like to make a little extra money but I'm on summer vacation...aka I-don't-get-to-spend-much-time-with-my-boys-and-husband-as-it-is-I'm-not-going-to-take-a-job-that-takes-me-away-from-them-during-their-waking-hours-if-it-is-going-to-be-the-whole-summer.

I told her I needed to check with my husband's schedule first.  I explained that he taught music at the local college and I couldn't make a commitment without looking at his schedule.  She was SO excited when I told her he taught music. 

"Oh!  A music person!  Do you think he would want to volunteer?  I'm just kidding.  No, really, do you think he would like to show off some of his music skills?"

HOLD IT!  That's where I got you lady.  You obviously did not take a look at my application or you would have realized that I was A MUSIC TEACHER!  Okay, it has been a while but it is still the first job listed under "job history."  I know you are in desperate need to fill this position but at least have the courtesy to look at my application and know something about me before trying to fill your position.

I told her I had to think about it and get back to her.  Not really looking forward to that conversation, but I'm hoping I get a voice mail.


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