30 Day Get Chucked Challenge

A new year typically means resolutions, goals, challenges, whatever you may want to call it.  I have my list but, eh most of it can wait a few days...I'm still binging on Christmas candy!

Anyway, a friend mentioned how she was decluttering her home (always on my list...so, check) and going minimalist (ummm...not for me) and that she heard of a challenge where you take one item out of your home the first day, two items the second day, three items the third day and so on.  Over the course of one month you will accumulate 465 things to get rid of.

Over 400 things...that sounds impossible.  How in the world can I get rid of over 400+ items without feeling deprived of vital items?!  What will my house look like?  Sure, one or two things will be easy but how in the heck will I find 20, 25, or 30 things to get rid of on those days?

I hopped on the computer (yes, I still use my computer) and read a few articles and blogs about how others started this challenge.  Not all of them have follow ups of their (hopeful) success but here, here, and here are two that I read and found enjoyable.

Now here is the kicker...I've got my entire family involved in on the act.  Between our house, office, and classroom, we will declutter for 30 days.  My husband and I will each do our own, our boys will combine their efforts for finding items, and the wee little baby is out...although her stuff will still count towards the overall goal.  In 30 days we will purge from our home at least 1,395 items.

Ground Rules for our #30DayGetChucked Challenge:
1.  It doesn't matter how big or small the item is...it counts!
2.  Trash does not count if you are already planning on throwing it out.  (I had to put this rule down for the kids otherwise their items would include the empty chip bag from last night or the candy bar wrappers)  HOWEVER, if the item was originally kept to be reused or repurposed it does count (the broken pencil that I keep because "the eraser is still good!" or the empty paper towel rolls that would make "great art projects for the kids in the summer" except I have never used them. NEVER!
3.  It is up to the person how they want to count it.  My son thinks one pair of shoes should count as one item while my husband thinks it should be counted as two items.  Honestly, I don't mind at all!  It is getting out of the house one way or another.
4.  Recycle, donate, or sell before trashing something.  I hate filling our trash can full of things that could be recycled OR loved by others.  We will recycle anything that we can.  We will donate most of our items to the local Salvation Army, except children's items.  Our Salvation Army won't take them so we will pass those on to our Goodwill store.  Anything of high value will be sold at our local consignment sale and garage sale this spring.  (Yeah, some of you may think we are cheating the system by keeping our stuff in a tub in the attic to store to sell later, BUT we are working on paying off our debts and Dave Ramsey would tell us to sell, sell, sell so that we can pay off our car and save, save, save).

Let the challenge begin!  I'll post my items on Twitter (follow me @JuliePurin) to help keep me accountable.  Want to take the challenge with me?


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