...The Rest of the Story

   Well, a week ago today I was in NYC living up the "Ultimate Fan" experience.  You can check out my prior post here to read more about it.  I did run out of time to finish the rest of the story...the rest of the trip. 
   After leaving the theater Wednesday afternoon (and returning to my not-so-famous self) my mother and I went to the High Line.  A few H2S fans on Facebook suggested it.  I've been to NYC several times.  I had never heard of the High Line before and didn't really want to go, but my mom was interested and we finally decided to make the trek there.  It is actually a walk way starting at 30th Street and going South until Gansevoort and running down 10th Avenue. The walk way is above the street and you get a great view of the Hudson River.  What a great place to see the sunset! 

   After a brief walk through the West Village we caught the subway back to Times Square and ate at TGI Fridays.  Now, I knew ahead of time that eating anywhere in Times Square is expensive but I would rather walk the five or six blocks to Papaya Dog (the best hot dogs in NYC) than eat in Times Square again.  Be prepared to spend at least $20.00 per person.  That may not be all that bad in the grand scheme of things, but I prefer eating as cheaply as possible and saving my money for a show or attraction.
   Thursday morning we greeted the day and took a quick trip to Central Park.  It was perfect weather for a walk and my mom had never been there. 
   We flew out of JFK to get back to OKC.  I have never flown out of JFK.  It may have been a bit inconvenient to actually get there but it was worth it.  It was so clean and relatively quiet.  The highlight of that day though was flying First Class back home.  Thanks mom for upgrading the tickets!  It was my first (and probably only) time flying First Class and it was a great way to end the trip.  Feeling like a celebrity again we were able to board the plane first and were served beyond my imagination.  Three seat trays to choose from, a seat that actually reclines, LEG ROOM, free checked bags, drinks, wine, warm snacks, glass cups, real silverware, a full meal, and a cookie and milk for dessert...SO COOL!  A great way to end a quick, but wonderful trip.


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