Random Thoughts at Gymnastics

So I am currently sitting in the lobby of the local gymnastics place. I should be working on choreography for an upcoming show, but instead I need a few minutes to rant.

---Oh people your grammar is atrocious! I can't even tell you how many times I heard"we was" or "let me 'axe' you a question." I admit that I have some flaws in my grammar, but it usually revolves around the written language. I never know when I should use a semicolon. I usually just guess!

---I don't think it is appropriate for a 3rd grader to mutter the F word under his breath. Oh wait, I just heard he was a 1st grader. He also threw his homework at his mom, ran around the room, and smacked another boy with his book. Mom definitely has no control. (All of this happened in just the short minute it took me to write the first sentence.)

---Girls...stop running around! Stop running on my papers that are on the floor. I am as close to the wall as I can get. Why are they on the floor you "axe"...hehe...ask?

---Well, I am sitting on the floor because everyone has decided they each need three chairs. They need one to sit on, one for their coat, and one for their phone. That's okay folks! I will just pull up a corner of the floor with my 7-week old in tow.

---Remember there was a time when children had to learn to entertain themselves? If you were going to be somewhere you made sure you had toys, colors, a book to read, etc. Things sure have changed. "Here kids, just play with the smart phone. Make sure you turn the volume up as LOUD AS POSSIBLE."

---Plus, while all of this is happening you can see and hear the parents laughing at how bad some of the students are in the class. Hello, they are four and five years old. I am just happy that my boy is even standing in one spot for more than a minute.

Okay. That's all for now. Even though I could add more to the list. Yes, even in the short time that it took me to write the FIRST sentence!!!


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