Chipping Away at the Clutter

It is crazy how clutter can control our lives.  Sometimes you don't even realize how much clutter you have until you really start going through it.  Do I really need to keep every coloring page my child has done since the age of one?  Do I need to keep that outdated toothpaste?  Do I HAVE to keep those three pairs of shoes that I think are absolutely cute, but since having a child my feet have gotten fat, and they don't really fit, but I'm still keeping them in hopes of my feet magically shrink and I'll still want to wear three inch heels?  Nope.  Nope.  Nope.

One of my New Year's Goals is to "get rid of 300 pounds of clutter."  I took this on as a challenge.  Everyday items that would normally be tossed (or recycled) would not count.  This had to be 300 pounds of items currently in my home.
In this first month I was able to rid myself of 199.2 pounds!  That was the easy stuff.  Those were the items that I didn't really have to think about.  I knew they had to go.  That included: seven pairs of shoes, a handful of kitchen items, expired toiletries, broken hampers, dried out markers (that I swore I could eke out just a bit more), craft paints, office supplies, purses, small toys, old hats and coats, board games, magazines, stuffed animals, cookbooks, teaching supplies, and old college text books.  Most of the items were everyday items that didn't take me more than a few minutes to think about.

In one month, I have almost reached my goal.  Now comes the harder part.  Now I have to go through things that I have been putting off...those little piles that keep getting piled to the side.  This will include movies that I have never watched, books that have just been sitting on the shelf for the last seven years, and clothes that I have been keeping for that elusive "when I lose more weight."  Yeah, that's a goal, but let's be honest...those clothes are not in style now and won't be when I've lost the weight.  They've "gots to go."


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