One Would Think...

One would think that not having a job (and having the child in full time day care) that I would be able to get things done.  Perhaps, be more productive.  NOPE!  I feel like I am trying so hard to just keep my head above the water.  It is hard out there to find work.  Well, work that will fit with the schedule I currently have (no nights) and will actually interview me despite being "overly qualified."  I will take it!  With all of this free time you would think that I could:
-write a post here more often than I have
-keep the living room clean
-make sure the laundry isn't flowing from the baskets
-have dinner ready for the family, without scrambling
-finish all of those left over projects I've been wanting to work on (vacation scrapbooks, book ideas, singing even!)
-go to the gym!!!

Sometimes too much time on your hands can actually be rather daunting.   


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