Quest for 300 Pounds

I am on a quest to rid my house of 300 pounds of clutter.  It is one of my many New Year's Goals for 2012.  I feel like I have done a good job so far, especially considering the fact that it is only a few days in to 2012.  One way I am getting rid of the clutter is by going through a stack of magazines that my mom saved for me.  I LOVE Woman's World Magazine.  It has great recipes, fun crafts, cute pictures, a few good articles in each magazine, and crossword puzzles that I can actually finish!  As I was going through this newest patch of magazines I found two articles about clutter. 

Article #1
The first one talks about the items that you hold on to.  Holding on to old items makes you a "sentimentalist."  Magazines, recipes, etc. makes you an "information hound."  Vintage items, toys, records, old books...that makes you a "collector."  And the last one was for the person who has a little bit of everything in case of an emergency.  That one makes you a "saver."  As I read each personality description, I felt like they could all belong to me.  Their cure...find periodical files for those magazines and create a gallery for your collectibles.  I don't think that really helps the situation.  You still have all of this "stuff" now it is just organized a bit better. 

Article #2
This article actually helps you move out the clutter.  Can't get rid of that vase your grandma gave to you because you would feel guilty even though it isn't your style?  Give it someone else.  Share the joy of the gift by giving it to someone that will actually appreciate it. 

Think that Barbie will be worth anything?  Check out eBay to see how much it is really going for.  Chances are if the market is flooded right now with that won't change.  Get rid of it now. 

Have an item that means so much to you (like the boxes of artwork I have of my little boy's first year in daycare)?  Take a photo of that item or scan it in to your computer!  You will still be able to look at it but now you don't have to worry about it taking up that extra space.

They hit a few other suggestions, but the last one I really liked was the "but I might need it someday!"  They suggest putting it in a box and writing a date on it.  If you haven't opened that box in six months toss it out.  I seem to keep those pants in the back of my closet...just in case I lose those 30 pounds.  Well you know what, if I lose 30 pounds I want to celebrate by buying new clothes! 

Do you have any suggestions on how to get rid of the clutter?


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