Sally Hansen Magnetic Nail Color Review

My Influenster Summer VoxBox is full of goodies to try!  This week I tried out the Sally Hansen Magnetic Nail Color in Ionic Indigo.  Check out the product info at the bottom of the post. 

I have heard a lot of hype about this product and was ready to try it out.    The nail polish itself has magnetic properties.  After doing a base coat of polish you do a second coat and hold a magnet over the wet polish.  The magnet then helps create, supposed, dazzling designs and waves throughout the polished nail.  As you can see from the looks REALLY neat.  Two separate trials later and I can say that I am deeply disappointed in the nail polish.

I followed the instructions on the back of the bottle exactly as described.

1.  Apply one coat of base coat. Shake Magnetic Nail Color to activate.  Remove overcap with magnet  and set aside.  Apply one coat of Magnetic Nail Color to all 10 nails and let dry.

2.  Apply a thick second coat of color to one nail and immediately hold the built-in magnet over the nail.  Hold for 10 seconds.  Repeat for all 10 nails and let dry.

(There were a few other instructions to I chose to cut them out to spare you ALL of the details!)

So, I followed the directions the first time and had three out of ten nails work.  I thought, "maybe I didn't let the nails dry long enough between coats?"  "Maybe I should put a thicker second coat on?"  "Perhaps I should hold the magnet over the nail longer?"  "Maybe I need to shake the bottle longer?"

I wanted to give the product a fair shot so I tried it again today.  I changed added more time between coats and I put a thicker coat on as well.  Still no difference!  Maybe I have a faulty bottle, maybe my magnet isn't as strong as it should be.  Maybe it is even the color...maybe it doesn't show up as well with the deeper color.  I don't know.  Oh, and with the magnetic lid coming off as a separate lid from the nail polish, all I could think was "choking hazard!"

If I was given this product free again...I would definitely try it out.  If I had to spend my own $10 on the bottle....nope!

So, if anyone is interested in a slightly used bottle of nail polish, let me know!  I have one that will be sitting on the shelf for quite some time.

There Ionic Indigo - Perfect!
I'm sure lighting, hand models, and make up artists help...that is if it isn't computer generated.

My Ionic Indigo - Dud!
My thumb is the only one that turned out close to a finished product.


Sally Hansen Magnetic Nail Color

NEW! Sally Hansen Magnetic Nail Color is summer’s hottest nail trend that allows you to create a gorgeous 3-D nail art effect in just seconds. This unique formula has been specially developed with metallic particles – just hold the built-in magnet over wet polish to reveal a unique design on the nail. Seal with a topcoat for extra shine! Learn more at

Easy steps
Shake and Apply 2 coats
Hold Magnet for 10 seconds over wet nail polish
Instant Attraction!
Let dry and seal with a top coat for extra shine

 Where to Buy

Available at chain drug stores, food stores and mass merchandisers nationally.
Suggested Retail Price: $9.99


By the way, I did receive this product complimentary for testing and reviewing purposes from Influenster.


  1. I think they look great! What do you want for the bottle?


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