Influenster Frosty Vox Box

So I got my Influenster Frosty Vox Box at the end of December and it was filled with great goodies to try out for free.  Interested in vying for your own box of goodies?  Check out Influesnter here.  Curious to see my vox box items on YouTube?  Click here!

Here are the items in my box this time around.

I don't use Thyme very often.  It isn't a staple in my pantry
but it will be nice to try something different.

Make up remover. 
Great for removing waterproof mascara.  This product worked amazingly well. 
Love the design of the top.  It was perfect to put q-tips in to clean up eyeliner and mascar quickly.

Never heard of this company can't wait to try it.

I love NYC makeup and this color is the perfect neutral. 
I don't typically wear lipstick but this truly is the perfect color for me.

A deep, rich eyeliner.  I don't wear eyeliner much.  It took a while to get use to putting the eyeliner on and not have
a huge gap on my lid.  Once I got the hang of it though, it looked nice.  Even my son noticed a difference.
Red Vines, Cherry.  I don't like them.  Sorry.  My husband, however, devoured the entire bag in one sitting.
Celestial Seasonings Candy Cane Lane Tea.  I tried this when I was sick.  For startesr, I am not a tea fan. 
The smell was delicious but the taste did not appeal to me.  I have the other bag to a friend and she absolutely loved it.

Eco Tools Barrel Brush.  I was a little worried about a barrel brush with my hair but I was impressed.
I never had to worry about detangling my hair.  I think it will take a bit of work to style with this brush but more
because I'm not used to using this type of brush, not because of the brush itself.


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