Rimmel London Products

Thanks to Influenster I have been introduced to some great Rimmel London products.  This time around I was given two, count it TWO products to try for free.  They go hand-in-hand. 
The first product is the Scandal Eyes Waterproof Kohl Eyeliner.  I don't typically wear eyeliner and when I do it is usually light brown; something very neutral.  Perhaps I do that because my hands are not steady and putting on eyeliner seems like a chore.  Plus, I'm the one who always has this gap between where the eyeliner winds up on my eye and where it should go.  Come on, you know what I'm talking about :)  So, seeing this eyeliner I was a tad intimidated.  Especially seeing how dark this liner is.  I took the plunge though.  The first time was a mess.  The second time my eyes were still a mess.  The third time I slowly started to get the hang of it and even my son said my eyes looked different.  The fourth time I was able to glide it on without any problems.  Of course, I'm still working on it but this formula truly does glide on so easily.  PLUS if I make a mistake....I can use the hand make up remover that I also received.
 So when I did make a mistake I was able to use the makeup remover to help clean things up a bit.  I am also notorious for wearing my mascara several days and then having to deal with the raccoon eyes.  One quick swipe with this remove and my raccoon eyes are gone!  I specifically like how the bottle is designed.  It has a small little hole, unlike my other remover, that I can squirt out just enough on a cotton ball or cotton swab.
Here is my fourth attempt.  Not too shabby.
Overall, I am a big fan of these products.  I'm so glad that Influenster and Rimmel London gave me these products to try complimentary.  Thanks!!!


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