Sole Society

Sole Society is a site that was launched in march 2011.  It offers "exclusive, high-quality, on-trend shoes, starting at only $49.95"  When you become a member you have access to not only these awesome shoes but to exclusive fashion and style content, tips, trends, and special promotions!  Check them out!  Want a referral?  It is a win-win, you get access to an amazing site AND I get rewarded for having you join as well. 

Sole Society ships your shoes quickly and if they don't can mail them back free of charge and exchange them for something better. Change your mind and just want the money back? you just pay a small restocking fee. 

I am not quite ready to buy new shoes.  When I am ready though, Sole Society will be the place for me.  I already have my eye on some of these great shoes!

Love the look...but afraid of heights:

A bit more conservative and manageable for work:

And I can't wait to wear these around:


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