Okay folks, if you have read my past interview experiences (check them out here and here) you would know that I have had a few go with finding a job.  I have loved, LOVED staying home with my boys, but I also would like the opportunity to:

1.  Make sure that I went to college for a reason and use my degree for a full-time job.  (I did enjoy teaching in Kansas but the part I paid thousands of dollars to my college...and am STILL paying...was really only 1/3 of my job there.)

2.  Pay off my college loans BEFORE my children are in college.

3.  Start saving for the future, because goodness knows there won't be any Social Security to help me out when I am old enough.

4.  See if I really want to use my degree or if I should go back to school, get new loans, and then borrow from my children's college fund :)

Well, I finally get the chance to do that! 

This past week I interviewed at two school districts and was offered two jobs!  The choice was made clear after comparing SEVERAL factors (class size, student body size, technology available, resources, etc.) and I will begin teaching full-time in a school district about 10-15 minutes away.  Yay for an easy commute!

I'm still a bit in shock.  It has been a long time coming.  I've been crying buckets the last few days because I'm worried about my littlest boy (only 9 months old) but I know once I have a safe place for him I will get to the excited part.

I finally get to move all of my teaching boxes out of the attic.  I had been debating whether or not to keep my stash or give it away...and I get to use it!  Whew, glad I kept it around for the last three years.

The thing I am most excited shopping!  I can't wait to buy some new crayons. 

Anyway, hopefully I won't have any more terrible interviews to write about! 


  1. I swear when I go on a job interview I my mind goes blank! Good luck on your job hunt.


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