Olay Fresh Effects Influenster Review

Earlier this summer I received the Sunkissed Voxbox from Influenster.  It was filled with products to test and out try for free.  In my box, I received the Olay Fresh Effects {BB Cream!}.

Now I am a bit behind on the times.  I never knew what BB stood for until getting this product.  I had heard the words tossed around in commercials but I could never have told you that BB stood for Beauty Balm (even still I checked the internet just to make sure!).  I wasn't going to spend money on something I had no knowledge about so I just kept watching the commercials and letting life pass me by.  Then Influenster and Olay dropped a wonderful bottle of Olay Fresh Effects {BB Cream!} and I finally knew what the fuss was about.

Olay Fresh Effects {BB Cream!} offers six skincare benefits in one step.  Are you ready for them?  Here they are...with commentary.

1.  Refreshes skin instantly.  I have always heard the term dewy face, a fresh face.  I felt that instantly (literally) when I put the product on.  Now on your upper lip...not the best feeling in the world...but on your cheeks and chin it really did feel refreshing!
2.  Brightens for a radiant glow.  After posting a picture on FB I actually had people comment about the glow on my face.  SCORE!

3.  Evens tone with a splash of sheer color.  I tried the lighter shade and while I have pasty white skin I think my freckles didn't like the light sheer color.  Maybe a hair darker would have evened a few more places out with my complexion but I'm really not sure. 

4.  Hydrates for 24 hours.  For 24 hours?  Yes!

5.  Smoothes for softer feeling skin.  Yes!

6.  Protects against UV damage with SPF 15.  Yep!  I love that I don't have to add one more step to my regime.  It really helps me get ready for the day and move on! 

I don't always have time to do the whole make up routine and the Olay Fresh Effects {BB Cream!} gives me the coverage I need without taking up any time.  Plus, my hands don't get nasty from the cream, no sticky oily mess.  One less thing to have to worry about.

Want to know more about Olay Fresh Effects {BB Cream!} or where buy it?  Check out their website at www.olayfresheffects.com and you can even purchase it on http://www.amazon.com.


  1. Does it leave your face oily at all? I have that problem with most bb creams
    Amber from http://alwaysblabbing.blogspot.com/

    1. My face didn't feel oily at all. It felt dewy, which I could never even imagine what that felt like until I actually used this product.


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